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The Concept

Relax With Us

Let's Normalize Caring for the Core in Style. YaYa's Yoni Spa provides a very serene, calming, intimate, safe, positive space for women to detox and celebrate. Clients have the opportunity to steam alone or with a party of five. Pick a theme and come out for the ultimate tip top experience. 
Steaming is a historical practice amongst women for healthy reasons including detoxing and curing diseases. Women have used these practices centuries ago. YaYa's Spa provides a safe, vibrant environment for women.
Wait!!!! There's More! YaYa's Ultimate Yoni Spa also has Bodied By Trae which provides body sculpting contouring for men and women. This includes a large variety of packages including Laser Lipo, RF & Wood Therapy, Calvitation and meal prep and more Therapy muscle stimulation Contouring is a modern technique that's used as an alternative to painful surgery. Have any questions? 
Feel free to reach out to YaYa and/or her staff for further assistance.

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